It'll be here before you know it: holiday season. That sentence may have sent a chill up your spine, but wait there's hope! Here's a few simple things you can do to start getting your house guest ready. 

Make over your guest room

Could the room use a fresh coat of paint? Would it be more inviting with  softer lighting? How about the sheets on that guest bed, are they a bit tattered? Try to look at your guest room with a new set of eyes, think of what your guests "see" when they first walk in. Is it warm, inviting? Is the bed comfy and cozy? A fresh coat of paint, some new flannel sheets (maybe), even a candle on the nightstand can make your guests feel well taken care of. 

Make it inviting

Stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls  are a goldmine for inexpensive treats that can make your guests feel like they're staying at a fancy hotel. Stock up on guest soaps, shampoos, lotions or if you're really feeling ambitious you can put together a little guest basket filled with toiletries, a  guest robe & slippers.

Hit that coat closet

Plan ahead. Your guests will be coming in from the cold and need a place to hang their coats. Go through that closet or the hooks, whatever you use - get rid of extra jackets you have in there, add some new hangers, make room for the extra gear.  

Everyone loves to make their guests feel "at home" when they're visiting. A few simple changes may just do the trick for your family and friends. 

Happy fall and festivities to all!