Now that you've made the decision to sell your house, the hard work begins. A successful selling process involves many things but,  how well you prepare your home for selling makes a huge difference.  I've shared some tips below

  • Get your paperwork in order. This may sound like a tedious step but it's surprisingly relevant. Think about all that goes into a modern home, HVAC system, appliances, solar, sprinkler system, utility bills, plumbing systems, electrical systems. Keeping it all running smoothly takes maintenance, buyers want to know this history.
  • The little things make a difference. Does your landscaping need trimming or an update? Are there places in the house needing a little touch up paint? Consider adding some potted plants for some fresh color. Declutter. Make things less personal by removing family photos, special art work from the kids or your favorite slippers at the base of the stairs. All these things matter
  • Erase evidence of pets. As pet owners, you're used to the smell or mess pets make but as someone new walks into your home they'll notice signs immediately. They'll smell smells, notice stains or fur left behind by your animal. Do whatever it takes to eliminate this by shampooing or replacing carpets, repairing sod or fencing and keep the dog at the neighbors during showings.
  • Gather estimates on repair or replacing. Unless your home is brand new with all new components anything aging can be open to bargaining from buyers.  From HVAC system,  appliances to an outdated bathroom, getting estimates on such items will help you bargain more efficiently. 
  • Clean. There's no way around this one, no one wants to buy a dirty house. Whether you do a thorough cleaning yourself or hire it out make sure it's done. Your real estate agent should be an excellent source for recommending cleaners or someone to remove junk.