Here we are the beginning of March. Spring often signals the start of the home "selling season." I wanted to offer some tips for preparing your home for sale. 

Some obvious tips are things like cleaning your windows, gutters, carpets and flooring. Touching up paint or drywall damages. Don't forget the fans & furnace vents, maybe a good idea to replace furnace filters. Putting away clutter gives your home the feeling of more open space. Keep the kitchen counters as clean & clutter free as possible. Have a nice vaporizer or air freshener around for a fresh spring scent.

Be sure to tidy up the yard, often so much attention is given to the interior of the house people forget about the exteriors. Plant some fresh flowers, nice spring colors that pop and provide a warm, inviting feeling. If you have outdoor furniture make sure it's clean, not covered with winter dirt and cobwebs. Remember, psychologists say we make up our minds about someone within the first 15 seconds of meeting them, the same can be true of viewing a house. 

Putting the effort in before you list your house for sale can reap rewards later. 

Make it a happy selling and buying day!