While having a home inspection done there are certain things you may think a home inspector can do but reality is, 

they can't. Here are a few items to be aware of. 

  • Blocked or damaged sewer lines. An inspector runs water through all the lines but they're only at the house for a few hours, this may not be enough time for a blockage to show.
  • Faulty HVAC equipment. These babies can work great one day and fail the next. The inspector's job is to determine whether it is in good working condition that day. 
  • Electrical issues. An inspector will check outlets but if there is an issue with one, it is not their job to determine the source of the problem. An electrical contractor would do that. 
  • Structural issues. It's the inspectors job to note any visual signs of problems, for example,  a large crack in the wall but once again, determining it's source you'd need a structural engineer to take a look.

The key is to be sure and use a certified home inspector, preferably one who has been inspecting in your particular area for a long time. Also, rely on your real estate agent to answer any questions you may have. 

Happy Home Shopping!